Saturday, 10 July 2010

Outermost - Beware of This and That (2001)

Outermost is/was Kei Yokota of Japan, who released a steady stream of releases throughout the late 90s and early 00s, mainly under the moniker of Outermost, but also as Scab and Deadly Verity. Very spastic, energetic, kinetic harsh noise that alternates between white noise bursts, high screeches, low rumbles, and everything in between. Has a classic sort of Japanoise feel to it. This was released through Dom Fernow's Hospital back in 2001 on a 3" CDr in an edition of 25. Couldn't find a picture of this little fucker on the web so you'll have to make do without it until I find time to scan it. Likewise, you'll have to make do with this rather brief post, but I'll make sure and update it with some hopefully interesting stuff to read soon. In the meantime, enjoy the noise!

Lo! (36 megs)

Edit 1: Updated with cover art.