Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Die Reitenden Leichen - Trutz (2009)

Die Reitenden Leichen has quickly become one of my favourite projects in the current noise scene, and is no doubt my favourite wall noise project. Blutgericht, which I already posted before, was the first release I heard by this guy, and it simply blew me away. Since then I've bought every DRL release I managed to get my hands on. Unfortunately, the runs are usually small, and I sadly missed out on the earliest releases; however, almost everything that came out since Blutgericht I do have, and every last second of it is nothing short of amazing.

Trutz is another tape I received a while ago. It was released in the same batch as the epic Statik Fanatik, a relentless, incredible 2xC60 box (which was posted over at Music Stinks), and both releases are pure harsh wall works. Trutz (according to the accompanying flyer an "outdated [I guess archaic] word for Trotz (defiance)) is a C20 with two sides of walls that are as pure and nihilistc as they get. As such, they are more like the typical unchanging streams of crackle the genre is known so well for than Blutgericht, a work so varied and so geniously put together that even the greatest opponents of the genre could only love it. In that sense, then, Trutz is more of an acquired taste, or maybe more a release for wall fanatics only. However, like on Blutgericht, the walls are so, so good; the two sides crackle, fizzle, rumble like there's no tomorrow. Monstrously low thunders supporting violent high-end crunching. Genius.

The art is astonishing again. A beautifully designed J-card Xeroxed on heavy, matte paper; great typography, brilliant looks. The case itself is folded in an A3 flyer and the whole thing comes in a plastic zipper bag (scans are in the .rar; if anyone has any clue as to what the 'VVON' (in red pen) on the J-card's reserve may mean please get in touch...). Trutz was limited to 13 copies and if I'm not quite mistaken it's definitely sold out. So please, by all means, enjoy this digital version.


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