Wednesday, 18 November 2009

V/A - Yellow Power Scum (1991)

To immediately break my self-imposed rule... Yellow Power Scum is, in fact, still available from the label that put it out, Beast 666 (now known as Beast 777). So why post it? Well, two reasons. Firstly because this gem regularly pops up on Discogs, eBay etc. for the most outrageous prices (usually described as "incredibly rare" and what-not), while, like I said, it's actually still available from the label for a mere 500 yen (so do Hitomi a favour and buy it... and pick up some other great tapes while you're there) shipped!

The second reason is, of course, that Yellow Power Scum is simply bloody brilliant. Easily my favourite noise/other/other compilation even if it's just, what, 11 minutes long? Even if the sounds don't appeal to you the tape is pretty special; your typical awful Eye artwork ("Aids-A-Delic!", it screams; "Destroy Yo, Dick" it shouts) and, among other things, a rare (and awesome) Gerogerigegege track and two Masomania tracks (Solmania + Masonna = win) make this a sort of accumulation of everything that was so great about late 80s/early 90s Japanoise/Japother. Regardless, the material is perfect. Two TV hosts discussing The Gerogerigegege while snippets of noise are heard in the background ("Pre-Stage"), highly energetic harsh noise (Masomania), rock'n'roll done right (Boredoms) - there is little this comp doesn't have.

Please enjoy the shit out of it. Sorry for the shitty quality. Please buy!


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